Monday, February 3, 2014

First That's My Tomboy Grand Finals Winner: Epey Herher

April Mariz Epey Herher That's My Tomboy Grand Finals Winner
The first ever Competition for "T-Booms" on National Television has finally concluded with April Mariz "Epey" Herher as its Grand Winner. The event had trended not only in the Philippines but ranked 1st worldwide on Twitter. It was a fun and eye-opening event shown to the whole world. The segment That's My Tomboy just showcased how smart, talented, and witty tomboys/lesbians are.

April Mariz Epey Herher That's My Tomboy Grand Finals WinnerApril Mariz or Epey Herher was crowned the Grand Winner of the first ever season of the trending It's Showtime segment That's My Tomboy. She is a Mindoro native and a musician who loves to sing and write songs. As indicated in her Facebook fan page - Epey Herher - she is " a Filipino, an artist, a singer, a songwriter, a rapper, a friend, a lover, a sinner, a saint. " With facebook fans amounting to 167k facebook users, she is definitely one of the "darling of the crowds."

It was definitely no wonder that she won the competition. She is talented. She knows how to play the guitar and sings very well too. With her "malamig na boses", I'm pretty sure she can make girls scream their hearts out. She's cute. I mean even for a guy like me, I still find her very pleasing to the eye. She also articulates herself well. The qualities of a winner is absolutely in her. It was a well-deserved win and I hope we can see more competitions like this that actually makes sense.

April Mariz Epey Herher That's My Tomboy Grand Finals Winner

Epey Herher took home 300,000 Php after being able to surpass 38 other talented and witty candidates at the First That's My Tomboy Grand Finals.